SPECIAL 2023 NWSL Collection Vol. 2 Hobby Box With STARS Printing Plate

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This Vol. 2 Hobby Box is bundled with a random Printing Plate from the 2023 STARS OF THE NWSL Subset. 

All orders of more than 2 Hobby Boxes will be voided.


The 2023 NWSL Collection Vol. 2 Hobby Box contains 20 Packs, each with 8 cards. Every Box is guaranteed One Signature Series cards.

The Vol. 2 set includes 126 individual player trading cards, Team Crest Cards, a 60 Card Stars of the NWSL subset, varied parallels, and multiple special inserts, such as The Signature Series, Oceania, Building Blocks, and Numerics; boasting legends of the league and exciting newcomers. 

The 2023 NWSL Signature Series continues with more players from across the league’s twelve teams including Scarlett Camberos, Sinead Farrelly, Kaleigh Kurtz, Sophie Hirst, Melanie Barcneas, and more. Also, we're introducing Dual Signature cards and a historic three player signature card featuring Chloe Ricketts, Olivia Moultire, and Melanie Barcenas. 


The 2023 NWSL Collection Vol. 2 is only available in Hobby Box and is limited to just 250 cases. 


Checklist: https://www.parksidecards.com/blogs/news/2023-nwsl-vol-2-checklist




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