2021 NWSL Premier Series Vol. 2

Parkside Collectibles

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25 randomly assorted cards in each pack.

Collectible trading cards focusing on the amazing athletes of the National Women Soccer League.

Vol. 2 includes a 100 card update of international signings, traded players, and fresh faces as well as a 10 card set of Legends of the NWSL. The popular insert sets Cityscapes, Vintage, and Luminescent return while a few new sets make their debut.

Additionally, Parkside introduces the Stars of the NWSL set; a 60 card supplemental set featuring a selection of some of the brightest stars from across the league.

Each pack features 25 randomly assorted cards including at least two inserts.

The 2021 NWSL Premier Series Vol. 2 signature series includes:  Olivia Moultrie, Courtney Petersen, Michelle Betos, Tegan McGrady, Sarah Gorden, Kealia Watt, Sophia Smith, and many more.

Keep an eye out for short print image variation cards all across the sets, a new Americana card limited to just 500 prints, and a special thank you card of Carli Lloyd. 

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