2020 NLBM Centennial Draft Class Set

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The Negro Leagues were founded 100 years ago during a time when men were banned from competing based solely on the color of their skin. To honor those men from 100 years ago, and before Jackie Robinson bravely shattered the color barrier, we have taken the fifteen men selected in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft that would have been forbidden from playing then and placed them in appropriate Negro Leagues uniforms.

We honor the past by celebrating these men, the unimaginable to the founders of the Negro Leagues, and we hope that that the history of their predecessors rejection is never forgotten and never repeated. 

Each NLBM Centennial Draft Class Set includes:

15 Card Draft Pick Set + 1 Random Draft Pick Signature Card

1500 SETS MADE - Only 100 Signature Cards of Each Draft Pick.  Base & Signature set comes in Gold Foil.   Variant sets to chase are also in Silver Foil , Blue Foil, and Purple Foil.  There are 69 Gold Foil Signatures, 20 Silver Foil Signature, 10 Blue Foil Signature, and 1 Purple Foil signature from each player.


Ed Howard

Jordan Walker

Mac Wainwright

Carson Tucker

Tink Hence

Al Soularie

Masyn Winn

Sammy Infante

Jordan Nwogu

Zavier Warren

Werner Blakely

Zach Daniels

Baron Radcliff

LJ Jones IV

Isaiah Greene



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