***EDIT*** We have received a second printing plate for Naomi Girma, because of a printing mistake, so we have now given out 26 printing plates!



We at Parkside have long labored over how and when to follow in the footsteps of our contemporaries in some offerings.

We’ve often looked at the Printing Plates for our sets and tried to figure out a fun way to get these in the hands of fans and collectors. Well… we think we have a fun idea for our first USWNT Trading Cards.

Our 2023 SheBelieves Cup Team set features 25 cards so we’re going to package up each cards printing plates (4 plates per card) and so a social giveaway.

Hop over to Instagram where you can participate in the contest. This is easy, when you grab your SheBelieves Team Set snap a picture with them or of them and post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us (@parksidecards) so we can find you.

We’ll give you a long window to enter – until the first week of the NWSL season. So, any post before March 25th is an entry.

We’ll pick 25 posts randomly and then mail them a set pf printing plates, again, randomly.

Each winner will receive a black, cyan, magenta, and yellow printing plate of one player’s card.Have fun and good luck!

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