Chicago Red Stars Forward Ava Cook Joins Parkside Design Team

We've got a new addition to our design team, and let's just say, she's got some serious skills both on and off the field. We’ve welcomed Ava Cook, forward for the Chicago Red Stars, who's now bringing her game-winning mindset to our creative team! 

Outside of soccer, Ava has a passion for design, and has started freelancing in her free time. Since she was a kid, Ava has always loved making things on the computer and being creative. 

It started off with simple PowerPoints, and moved to taking computer classes throughout grade school. When freshman year rolled around, Ava took a computer graphics class and was able to take control of what she wanted to learn as her teacher saw that she was a bit advanced for the curriculum. This allowed her to dive into Adobe suites for the duration of her four years in high school, which has led her to where she is now! 

"I’m beyond excited to work with Parkside, considering it is both of my passions put into one. What Parkside has done for our league and the game in general is incredible. It’s an honor for me to get to work on designing cards that so many people love and enjoy, and getting to see them and sign them after games is so amazing,” said Ava. 

We're beyond thrilled to have Ava on board, bringing her perspective to our projects. Ava added that designing is a great way for her to express creativity outside of soccer. She likes to use it as a way for her to unwind–it gives her a channel of dispersing mental efforts in more areas than just soccer, which drives her joy for the game and for design even more. 

Ava joins our diverse group of graphic designers based all across the nation. The team continues to push boundaries and innovate, ensuring fans and customers can expect nothing less than exceptional trading card designs. 

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