2024 CHIBIS Club Membership

2024 CHIBIS Club Membership

Exciting news! 2024 CHIBIS Club memberships are available now on Keepr, our digital collectible platform.

Here's what you'll get as a member:

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a special member-only 10% discount on NWSL purchases.

Advanced Drop Notices: Be the first to know about new releases and limited editions.

Special Product Promotions: Gain access to promotions designed exclusively for our members, including discounts, bundles, and special offers.

Unique Sales Events: Participate in sales events tailored to our members' interests and preferences.

Exclusive Trading Card Sets: Unlock access to special card sets available only to members.

Joining the CHIBIS Club is easy!

Simply purchase a temporary team crest card on Keepr. This card will serve as a placeholder until the 2024 NWSL jerseys are released, allowing us to create your unique CHIBI featuring the new jerseys. Choose the team you want your CHIBI to represent, and you're all set to enjoy the benefits of membership!

Click here to join now on Keepr.

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Same question – I haven’t gotten a discount code


Signed up but no email with code.

Cindy keen

I just signed up for Chibi club and want to use the discount code for a purchase on the parkside website. How do i get the discount code?


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